Old Sock In The Fast Lane

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Old Sock In The Fast Lane

Beitrag von EricsBadge » Mi 27. Apr 2016, 07:59

Eric gestern mal wieder zu schnell unterwegs. Mit dem Porsche auf dem Weg nach Hurtwood Edge:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar ... there.html
EC_2016-04-26Porsche.jpg (128.11 KiB) 3468 mal betrachtet

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Re: Old Sock In The Fast Lane

Beitrag von wolfi » Mi 27. Apr 2016, 09:00

Die Kommentare sind z. T. auch ganz witzig:
Bet he didn't tell the cop he looked Wonderful Tonight, more likely examined his Badge while he was being fined a Spoonful. Put him in a White Room I say, I mean, at least he never Shot the Sherriff.
Manche sind aber böse:
- why on earth would he be still living in the U.K. with all that dough!!
He doesn't , he comes back and doesn't reside long enough to pay taxes. Just like most of our pop and rock exports.

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Re: Old Sock In The Fast Lane

Beitrag von gooseman » Mi 27. Apr 2016, 09:55

Die Jogging Hose ist wohl nur für die Bühne!