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Aktuelles und Vergangenes aus seinem Leben und seiner Musik
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Aktuelles Marc Roberty Interview:

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Interview with Marc Roberty, author and EC guru.
By John Roe 2019/10/20

Marc, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

1) Your passion for music is quite apparent. Who were some of your earliest music influences?

Marc - I have always enjoyed music from a very early age. My father had been stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi, teaching American pilots to fly. This was during the Korean War. He brought back records by Tennessee Ernie, Sinatra, Doris Day and others. He did not really have interest in music so I found myself playing the records. Later I loved pop records and I remember regularly playing DJ with a friend of mine in the mid sixties playing 45's by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Shadows, Chuck Berry and importantly The Yardbirds. When I heard For Your Love I thought is was so great. But then I listened to the b side, Got To Hurry, and was blown away by the guitar work. It starts off like a kooky surf number until Eric comes in with some incredible distorted guitar. I had never heard anything like it before and turned me into a guitar lover for life!

2) When/what was your first encounter with Eric Clapton and if you could explain a bit about why your emphasis on him?

Marc - Hearing For Your Love the week it was released was my first musical encounter with Eric. As I mentioned it was Got To Hurry that really turned me on to him as a guitarist. As soon as I realized he had joined John Mayall I had to hear the album. For many years it was the most influential blues guitar album for players around the world. It still sounds incredibly fresh today. I later heard Hendrix and he took guitar playing to another level for me. Then it was Jeff Beck. So for me, my three favourite players were these guys. I guess I concentrated on Eric because he was the first player to turn me on to guitar.

My first personal encounter was very briefly backstage at the Rainbow in 1973. Eric looked like a bunny in the headlights. So many people wanted to wish him well after the two shows and he just wanted to go home. I met him more formally in the eighties when I was doing some work for Roger Forrester, Eric's manager.

3) A loaded question, but what is your favorite EC "era" and why?

Marc - Incredibly hard to answer. Everybody has different view points. I don't think you can have just one because he changed so much over the years. My favourite periods are Cream, Dominos, 1974 to 1979, 1985 to 1991, 1994 to 1995, 2004 to 2011.

4) Your research expertise is shown in your exquisite publication(s) Eric Clapton Day-By-Day The Early Year and The Later Years. Any plans for a Volume 3?

Marc - I am thinking about it as he does not seem to be fully retiring anytime soon! Plenty of new sessions and tours! However, I am currently working with Roger Forrester on his memoirs which, as you can imagine, are incredibly interesting. Although the main part of the book will cover his time with Eric, there are plenty of other stories on Roger's work with other artists during the sixties including his time as a booking agent. There are some truly hilarious stories throughout and offers a fascinating insight on managing Eric through the bad times and good. Hopefully ready sometime next year.

5) Your EC knowledge is renown. And we all thank you for your patience in answering the seemingly endless questions.
What EC question are you asked the most?

Marc - Is he a nice guy?

6) Can you share something about EC that people may not be aware of?

Marc - Considering the huge venues he plays, he hates public speaking.

7) What do you think is the biggest misconception of EC?

Marc - That he is God

8) If you could recommend to EC one music project for him to undertake, what would it be?

Marc - Back in 1988 I asked him if he would consider doing a dobro album. He has an incredible touch on the dobro and it made sense but he was not sure about it. I am hopeful that he will do it one day. It would be something else.

9) You may be sworn to secrecy, but do you think the Video Anthology will ever be completed and released?

Marc - Yes! Too much blood, sweat and tears by all concerned, including me, was shed for it not to come out. It will be different to the original concept which was going to be an eye watering 8 to 10 DVDs! It will please everyone who felt there was too much missing from Live in 12 Bars, which of course was based on Eric's personal life rather than musical life.

10) Do you have anything you would like to say in closing?

Marc - I may be one of his harshest critics at times, especially when it comes to setlists, but I can't help but love the guy.